How to Backup the WordPress Database

In this instructional exercise, you will learn: 

Step by step instructions to make a manual reinforcement of the WordPress Database whenever. 

Step by step instructions to turn on programmed database reinforcements. 

Assets examined in the video: 

Across the board WP Security and Firewall Plugin 

The All In One WP Security and Firewall module is easy to use for moving down the WordPress database physically, and in addition for planning programmed reinforcements. 

To introduce the module: 

From inside your WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins, at that point Add New. 

Do a scan for: All In One WP Security. 

Snap Install Now, at that point Activate. 

To physically reinforcement your database: 

Snap WP Security, at that point Database Security. 

Tap the DB Backup Tab over the best. 

Tap the Create DB Backup Now catch. 

The database reinforcement will be put away on the server, and be accessible for download through FTP. It can be found in the “aiowps_backups” envelope inside ‘wp-content’. 

On the off chance that you would favor that the database be messaged to you for disconnected or potentially distributed storage, at that point you can turn on the send reinforcement document by means of email include. 

To get database reinforcements by email: 

In the Automated Scheduled Backups area of the DB Backups Tab, put a check by where it says: Send Backup File Via Email, at that point determine an email address, and after that tap the Save Settings catch. This works for both the manual, and the planned reinforcements. 

To plan reinforcements: 

In the Automated Scheduled Backups area of the DB Backups Tab, put a check beside where it says: Enable Automated Scheduled Backups, at that point indicate the settings that you seek for Backup Time Interval and Number of Backup Files To Keep, at that point tap the Save Settings catch.